Syncing data between iPhone and iPad

TargetScan supports iCloud and your data should be automatically synchronised between all your devices. Most users prefer to use iPhone to scan the target (it is easier to take a photo and also the camera is better) and iPad as a light table and to review previous sessions.


If your data are not being synchronised you may find the following information helpful in troubleshooting the problem.

Setting up iCloud

First, please make sure that:

Power source and WiFi

iOS will not sync iCloud data if the battery level is low unless you plug the device to a power source. The synchronisation is also triggered less frequently if you are not using WiFi. Please plug your device to a power adapter or USB and connect to WiFi.

Be patient

The iCloud synchronisation takes place only when TargetScan is running, so please open the App and let it running for at least 30s. The App syncs data each time you open it. You can also trigger the sync operation by pulling down the list of disciplines.

Close the App

If you want to force the App to stop and make sure that it starts the sync process from the beginning simply close the App (double tap the Home button and swipe up the card) and launch TargetScan again.

Restart the device

iCloud implementation in order to minimise the usage of network bandwidth uses a lot of caches, temporary files which are fetched in the background. If something gets stuck it is a good idea to restart your iPhone and iPad.

Rebuild data from iCloud

You can delete local data and force the App to download again the content from iCloud by uninstalling and installing the App.

Start Fresh

You can delete all TargetScan data and start fresh:

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