Score Analysis

This is a 'what-if' analysis answering a question: 'What would be the score if the group was moved to the best-scored place?'. The score is recalculated over 400 thousand times for different shooting group locations and visualised as a map. The view also shows:

In most cases you will see that you can gain much more points by making the group smaller rather than by moving the group, but this analysis makes it clearly visible and should allow you stop worrying about the sights adjustment and focus on other aspects of your training.

First Example

The 60 shot session below has the actual score 575, but the very same group could score 586 points if the centre of the card was moved to the left and slightly upwards. Even though the biggest gain of 17 points is hidden in the improvement of the group you may consider adjusting your body position or the sights to improve the score.

Score analysis 1

Second Example

In this session the actual score is 586, but even though the mean point of impact is still not ideally in the centre you could only gain 2 additional points by moving the group as opposed to 12 points hidden in the group size. You can be assured that the sights do not need to be adjusted and 'only' the group needs to be tighter.

Score analysis 2


Do not chase the white maximum-score spike: its location depends on the particular shooting group configuration and most likely will be different in the next session. Instead, try to imagine a centre of mass of the score 'sweet spot'. In practice it should match the mean point of impact calculated for your session (Windage, Elevation).

In order to access this view simply tap on the 'Score' label in the Session view.