Scanning Targets

In order to scan a target you simply need to take a photo of each target and visually inspect the scan correctness. Even though TargetScan will try its best to process every target there is a lot you can do to improve the accuracy and consistency of the scan.

Choosing Quality Cards

Always prefer quality targets such as: Krüger, Edelmann. There are many reasons to do so:

Choosing the background

One of the key assumptions made in the automatic hole detection is that holes are lighter than the paper. You need to take a photo of the target making sure that on the photo holes are white or light blue. You can use for example:

Taking the photo

Taking the photo make sure that:

Editing the scan

TargetScan should recognise the pattern and localise holes automatically, but you can always edit shot location using 'Eagle Eye' on the scan preview.

Keep in mind that your smartphone has not been designed to be a scoring machine. In order to get accurate and consistent results you need to learn a little how to use it for scoring your targets.