Quick Start

Using TargetScan

Scanning Tips

You need to take a photo of the card capturing the entire black aiming mark and making sure the shot holes are bright. Consider placing the card on a white sheet of paper or using the light of your laptop screen as a backlight. Use quality cards: the beige paper will result in a good contrast and shot holes will be nicely cut.

Adjusting the sights

If the centre of the group is other than in the middle of the target, then you may use the calculated windage and elevation to adjust the sights and bring the group into the centre.


The radial accuracy is about 0.2mm for wadcutter and 0.5mm for round nose bullets. You can also manually refine location of a shot hole. Simply tap and hold on the scan preview until the 'Eagle Eye' view is displayed and then select 'Move' from the menu.

TargetScan Pro

TargetScan turns your smartphone into a scoring machine for less than the cost of a scoring gauge let alone the cost of a scoring machine, such as RIKA or DISAG. You can also unlock some extra features by purchasing the TargetScan Pro add-on. This additional In-App purchase allow us to keep the shelf price lower, but by buying it you contribute to further development.


The aiming mark has not been found

Make sure the black aiming mark has been captured entirely while taking the photo.

Pattern has not been recognised

Check the pattern symbol, distance, the black aiming mark diameter on your card. It must match the pattern specified in the selected discipline (tap the blue info button on the right to see more details). TargetScan needs to detect scoring rings so make sure these are visible.

Shot holes have not been recognised

Make sure you have selected the correct number of shots per target in the session details. TargetScan uses the edge of the shot hole and its brightness to identify it on the target. If not all holes have been identified try to increase the contrast between holes and the background.

Low accuracy

If some holes were detected incorrectly try to use different light or distance - sometimes taking the photo from a bigger distance gives better results as it helps to avoid shadows and reduces the camera distortion. Too much light spilling out of the shot holes makes them visually bigger and reduces the accuracy.

Other problems

The App requires a lot of memory to process the image. Occasionally you may need to close other Apps running in the background to free resources. If that also doesn't help try the old method: turn your iPhone off and on again.

New disciplines

If your discipline is not available yet, please let us know and we will add it in a next release.