Comparison of target shooting software

App Store (iPhone / iPad / iPod)

Nowadays smartphones are an amazing piece of kit: a quality camera, powerful processor, and you can easily take it to the shooting range. Our [ TargetScan] is all you need to analyse your targets.

Name Description Price
TargetScan for iOS Requires iPhone or iPad €11.99 + €8.99 Pro Upgrade
TargetScan for Android Requires Android phone or tablet €11.99 + €8.99 Pro Upgrade

Dedicated Paper Target Scoring Systems

If you run a shooting range you may want to purchase a dedicated scoring system to score club competitions, but those solutions have much higher price tag:

Name Description Price
RIKA Easy Score 220 Dedicated All-in-one solution $3,200.00
DISAG RM-III Universal Dedicated All-in-one solution $4,300.00

PC era software for group analysis

Just a couple of years ago a PC linked to a specialised scanner such us RIKA, DISAG or at least a flatbed scanner was the only option to analyse paper targets.

Name Description Price
Orion Scoring System Requires Scanner $998.00 - $2,998.00 (plus subscription $88 pa)
ABVisie Match Manager Requires DISAG, SAM, RIKA €408.00
Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database Manual shot entry AUD 79.95
OnTarget TDS Requires Scanner $34.99
WM-Shot Requires DISAG, RIKA €249.00