Comparison of target shooting software

Apps (Apple App Store and Google Play Store)

Your smartphone has a great camera, powerful processor, and you can easily take it to the shooting range. Our TargetScan App is all you need to analyse your targets.

Name Description Price
TargetScan for iOS Requires iPhone or iPad €19.99
TargetScan for Android Requires Android phone or tablet €19.99

Dedicated Paper Target Scoring Systems

If you run a shooting range you may want to purchase a dedicated scoring system to score club competitions, but those solutions have much higher price tag:

Name Description Price
RIKA Easy Score 220 Dedicated All-in-one solution $3,200.00
DISAG RM-IV Dedicated All-in-one solution €2,869.00
DISAG RM-III Universal Dedicated All-in-one solution €3,449.00

PC Software for group analysis

Just a few years ago a PC linked to a specialised scanner such us RIKA, DISAG or at least a flatbed scanner was the only option to analyse paper targets.

Name Description Price
Orion Scoring System Requires Scanner $290.00 (plus annual renewal licence fee $70)
ABVisie Match Manager Requires DISAG, SAM, RIKA €408.00
Rifle Target: Rifle Shooting Database Manual shot entry AUD 79.95
OnTarget TDS Requires Scanner $34.99
WM-Shot Requires DISAG, RIKA €249.00