Account & Billing

We do not have an access to your account, purchase history or credit card details. When you make a purchase in the App Store or Play Store or even within the App then Apple or Google acts as an agent and process the payment.

How does it work

All transactions are associated with your Apple ID or Google ID. When you buy TargetScan you should be charged only once and be able to install the App on all your current and future devices. All App updates are free.

When you make a "TargetScan Pro" In-App purchase you should also be charged only once. This is a non-consumable product and you should never be charged again for it. If you use iCloud the purchase should automatically propagate to other devices otherwise you need to use 'Restore Purchases' to allow the App to fetch previous receipts and unlock related functionality.

Reporting a Problem

If you think you have been charged twice or would like to request a refund please contact Apple or Google:

Apple or Google will contact you shortly.